The Smart Platform

APPROACH: We engage citizen scientists via their smartphones to implement multiple studies. These studies span a range of designs (e.g., cross-sectional, longitudinal, real-time interventions) across different jurisdictions within and outside Canada. 

METHODOLOGY: We gather complex data by linking validated surveys, ecological momentary assessments, objective mobile sensor data, and qualitative citizen perspectives. The studies within the Smart Platform utilize mixed-methods approaches by integrating citizen science, community-based participatory research, and systems science.

RATIONALE: The Smart Platform provides a way to engage with participants (i.e., citizen scientists) in real-time to capture rich health behavioural and outcome data. More importantly, a range of behavioural and outcome data (including physical activity, addictions, and mental health) are being used to inform upstream preventative policies. For example, the Smart Platform has obtained data related to marijuana use and perceptions before, during, and after legalization in Canada, which would help inform policies across jurisdictions in collaboration with primary stakeholders.