Smart Adults

APPROACH: Smart Adults started with a pilot that provided vital evidence to scale up the Smart Platform. Smart Adults is longitudinal investigation that captures physical activity, sedentary behaviour, mental wellbeing, and perception of indoor and outdoor environments of our citizen scientists. This mobile health initiative for adults was developed to understand how active living influences mental wellbeing. The overall emphasis is on active living surveillance, knowledge translation, and policy interventions.

CONTEXT: Smart Adults was initially implemented in the cities of Regina and Saskatoon, Canada. Based on preliminary results, we have obtained ethics approval to scale this up across the globe.

COHORT: We are developing a deep understanding of evidence-based approaches that apply to various adult cohorts of the Smart Platform (18-35; 36-65; and >65) in terms of recruitment, retention, continuous engagement, data management, and ethical implications. These factors are all critical for the success of mobile health innovations.

PROCESS: In 2017 and 2018, we engaged with adult citizen scientists and key stakeholder groups to test various aspect of the Platform (e.g., recruitment strategies, compliance measures, and ecological momentary assessments). Based on the empirical evidence generated, in 2020 we are gearing up to engage adult citizen scientists with a particular focus on involving them in influencing health policies.